So Far

We’ve been in San Diego about a week now. I like it a lot more than Philadelphia. I think I’m a west coast girl at heart. One of my goals for this new chapter in my life was to work on positive thinking. I was doing pretty well since I left Philly, but since we’ve gotten here, I’ve gotten more and more discouraged. I’ve been wondering how positive people stay positive. We haven’t found a place here yet, my finances are a mess, and yesterday a customer stole my phone while I was at work. I’m so discouraged now and having a hard time being positive about it. Setbacks definitely seem less disappointing when you expect them to happen. 

I talked to my mom about it and she said that while setbacks happen, I have to realize that theres nothing that I can do about some things and that things will eventually work out the way that they should. The in-between time is no fun for me though. But I’ll keep trying to think positively. I did feel better while I was thinking that way before and it did wonders for my patience. It’s good for my mom, my son, and me when I think positive. 

So wish me luck. Every new day is the first day of the rest of your life. 


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