Finally Some San Diego Stuff

So I finally did some San Diego stuff this weekend. My mom, son, and I went to Balboa Park and to the Hillcrest area for dinner. Balboa Park is so pretty! I love how much space there is. It was crowded on Sunday, but it didn’t feel overwhelming at all. It was nice. Next time I want to go to the zoo. We’re planning on doing the year membership. Ever since having a kid, I’ve learned how awesome memberships are. They’re great for days when there’s nothing else to do. I think he’s getting old enough now that he’ll enjoy it. We went to the zoo once in Philadelphia and he was pretty apathetic. As was I. haha. 

Dinner was cool too. This is actually the second time that we’ve eaten at this place. Pita Jungle I think it was called. It’s so good. And I never feel like I ate too much when we eat there. And my son will eat there too. He’s a challenge when it comes to food so I love anytime we find something that he’ll eat. 


Reflection time: So my questions for this week are…

What was my greatest accomplishment over the past week? I’ve actually been going to the gym regularly. It feels great to run. I’m doing better with running than I ever have. I want to eventually do a 5K. That’s my first goal. I also want to lose this Mexican food fluff that I’ve picked up since being here. Being around so much good Mexican food and margaritas is definitely a challenge for my jeans. The gym also helped me to calm down today. Last night was stressful and I’m worried about how I’m going to pass this class now. I was in a terrible mood last night. I went to bed grumpy and didn’t want to get up this morning. But I’m glad I did. Working out made me feel better. 

What can I do right now to make the week less stressful? Blogging! haha. Seriously this is helping right now. But I’m also trying to live in the moment more and not be so stressed about things that I can’t immediately solve.

What have I been avoiding that needs to get done? School decisions. I’m debating the program that I’m in or if I even want to stay with that school at all. Especially after yesterday. I’m realizing that my heart just isn’t into the program that I’m doing. I’m afraid to switch because that’s more student loans and time. But I think it might be better to get into something that I want to do while I can. I also think that my disinterest in the program is affecting my progress. It’s taking longer than planned and my grades aren’t where I want them. I’m just not all the way feeling it. Decisions, decisions. 

And now for some photos

ImageMr. Man checking out turtles

ImageImageBothering the fish at Balboa Park





I have this list of questions that my mom gave me ages ago that offers some guidance with self-reflection. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I found the list while I was unpacking the other day (note to self: be more organized. It was in a box of bathroom stuff). I’m going to do a couple of those today. I like having prompts for writing. It makes things easier for me. 

Which moment from the last week was the most memorable and why? This past week, my son has mastered answering the questions “What’s your name?” and “How old are you?” He has also given himself a nickname. lol. His name is Day according to him. He’s been getting good with his animals and their sounds. It’s so amazing to watch him grow and learn things. As I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it. 🙂

Is there anyone that I’ve been meaning to talk to? So many people since I’ve gotten to California: my grandmas, my dad, my friend who just had her baby, my friends who are also in the San Diego area

What are my top 3 goals for the next 3 years? Pay off my credit cards, finish the graduate program, and get a grown up job

Now I just have to try to remember to do this every week. Self-reflection is always good.